Symbio Employment Practice provides ongoing counselling on various human resource matters to both our existing and new clients. In addition to these day-to-day issues, we are equally capable of dealing with complex matters like collective bargaining, restructuring, transfers of employees, and collective dismissals. We also provide our clients with assistance concerning COVID-related employment measures.

What distinguishes us is our readiness and ability to assist in the most complicated employment cases. Our team members come from both the employment law departments of the largest international law firms and boutique law firms specialising in employment law services. The above allows us to move smoothly both within the framework of cooperation in a global environment (we know the principles of international project coordination) and the implementation of regional projects requiring narrowly specialised knowledge of unique and challenging employment law issues.

Attention to detail and the ability to turn complex problems into business-oriented solutions is our motto.

We help our clients with the assessment of strategic business decisions from the perspective of employment law regulation, such as collective redundancies or operational reorganisation of companies, negotiating with their collective representatives, and providing our clients with any and all documents, including contracts and internal legal regulations. Our knowledge of the regional employment market gives us a distinctive edge in any large scale projects involving multiple parties from different countries and abiding by numerous legal systems at any one time. We pride ourselves on being able to cater precisely to our clients’ needs.

Whether it relates to general advice in contractual matters, either individual or collective, preparing memoranda or opinions, or more specific requests related to finding solutions to tricky situations that our clients can find themselves in, such as the current global pandemic.

The combination of local-oriented expertise with significant global skills provides the clients of NGL Symbio network with a unique take on legal services where the approach and commitment of a local firm are supplemented with a multinational law firm’s means and capabilities.

Services we can offer include:

  • Employment agreements
  • Employment disputes
  • Work councils, labour unions
  • Employee share schemes
  • Fit and proper policies
  • Recruiting
  • Internal HR rules procedures
  • Outplacement
  • Audit re: compliance with employment law
  • Transfer of undertakings
  • Exit negotiations (employment termination with emphasis on negotiating exit agreements and exit packages), anti-harassment and workplace discrimination

The breadth of our experience reflects the specific needs of our clients and the legislation. We also easily adapt to any new developments due to the economic situation in any country in our region.


Summary of the pandemic impact on workplaces in CEE

How the pandemic impacted workplaces in CEE? What regulations are in place, and what is expected from employers?
We have prepared a summary in three key areas: employees vaccination, remote work and restrictions related to OSH.

Download the summary.

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Magdalena Zwolińska

Partner, Poland

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