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Who we are

What is Symbio?


NGL Symbio is an alliance of independent local law firms integrated where it matters for our clients – at the service level.


As a solid regional player in Central Eastern Europe (CEE) with strong ties to Baltics, Balkans & Adriatics (BBA), we offer fast and easy access to diversified regions with consistent practice and quality support wherever you need it.



What Symbio means?


Symbio comes from Symbiosis – a term commonly used in biology to explain the relationship between organisms that need each other to grow and prosper. A symbiotic relationship is an interdependent relationship between two (or more) beings, mutually beneficial for its participants.

This is precisely what NGL Symbio is about – an open, transparent, enjoyable, and supportive environment, where all who engage can benefit from collaboration and support each other’s progress.



What makes us different?



Mature team

People with a solid professional background, highly experienced in working on domestic and international projects, at the ideal moment of their carrier – this is who we are. We use our expertise to develop strategies and solutions, we keep an open mind, and we very much enjoy what we do. So what you get is an energetic, highly motivated, trusted partner to do business with.



The reason why we decided to do this

We wanted to create an alternative offering of good quality service in the CEE/BBA region – not because someone told us to, but because we see that this makes sense and we want to work together. This makes our team more dedicated and efficient.



Right timing

The market is perhaps most challenging now than ever before. Clients are looking for new solutions – and we believe this is the right time for well-organised, integrated service originating from the CEE region. Our approach will help clients optimise management processes by making them more transparent, lean, and cost-effective.


Operation model

Although we are independent law firms, we have decided to put organisational structure and procedures that ensure seamless work and support the quality of service. NGL Symbio is supported by a strong operation team in NGL Services.

Where we are

Reliable support wherever you need it


The core of our independent alliance lies within the CEE region, but our coverage reaches far beyond that. Wherever you need, no matter if the project is large or small, we are here to support offering you seamless service and a single point of contact.

We have relations with law firms in EMEA, the US, and APAC. We maintain tight cooperation with selected firms in the Baltics, Balkans, and Adriatics (BBA), and we can provide consistent support in the whole region.




CEE – Central Eastern Europe










OTHER CEE (Belarus, Ukraine) & BBA – Baltics, Balkans & Adriatics ( Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey).

We have built a reliable network across EMEA, APAC, and the US, wherein each location, we have three or more law firms with who we can work on multi-jurisdictional projects.

Our team coordinates work in jurisdictions, and our clients get a Single Access Point (SAP) that allows for better, quicker communication and coordination of projects, delivering high-quality results.

What matters for us

Our TRAQ values



Trust & Transparency

All operational aspects are reported openly. Clear financial rules based on budget. Transparent and simplified communication via Single Access Point.


Respect & Responsibility

Respect for one another is vital for building and maintaining healthy relations. Responsibility for joined effort and building a stronger, more efficient network, that will bring value to clients and our alliance.


Ambition & Accountability

We are ambitious, and we want to grow – as a business and as people. We want to deliver value beyond just doing our job. Accountability is an obligation to make things better, pursue excellence, and become a valuable partner.



Quality driven alliance of high-end partners. We are not choosing by the company’s size, but by the quality of work/customer service/products. Joint programs and initiatives developed by our alliance are supporting quality.

How we work

How our teams work


Consistent practice

We are one team built upon the same values and sharing the same culture.


Experience in cross-border projects

All members in our alliance have significant experience managing international projects and transactions gathered in international law firms or BigFour firms at the senior managerial level.


Unique approach to team integration

Our teams work together at the international level not because they are told to, but because they want to. We are engaged, focused on solutions and knowledge exchange.


Shared know-how

We learn from each other, share best practices, and strive to improve ourselves every day.

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